Orban: praised and attacked

“The Hungarian government can’t and shouldn’t be toppled from outside”, Charles Gati, Senior Research Professor of European and Eurasian Studies, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies said at event organised by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) on Tuesday in Washington.

At the event entitled “Democracies Under Duress: Are We Losing Central Europe?”, Hungarian-born Gati said that the EU is “impotent” when it comes to reaching a political change in Hungary or Poland. He said that if the US president wasn’t Donald Trump, maybe Washington would have its own CEE policy and would try to make a change in the region using the NATO, or at least to pressurise. Gati also said that the Hungarian opposition didn’t use its chance to have one, joint candidate against Fidesz in all constituencies, and that he don’t think it’s likely that Fidesz will be defeated within the next four years.

Interestingly, six years ago Gati was more in favour of interfering with Hungarian internal affairs. He outlined 5-point scenario of the possible ways of toppling Orban, from Fidesz losing the 2014 elections to a civil war. So far none of the scenarios actually happened.

Former Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski noted that while populista are indeed the enemies of liberal democracies, they mostly only use rhetorics, while the real enemies, the terrorists are actually killing people.

“Teaching Europe about democracy”

“If there’s a short-circuiting of democracy in Europe, it’s in Brussels, not Budapest. The leaders of the European Union could take a page from Mr. Orban’s playbook and actually listen to the people they claim to represent”,

The Washington Times writes in its editorial on Tuesday.

“If they continue to send Olympian diktats from on high, they must be prepared to see proud countries like Hungary following the British to the exits”,

the article reads.

World Congress of Families congratulates Orban

“Your victory is also a beam of hope for Western Christian Civilization. Many nations in Europe have grown weary and seek little more than a childless decline and ultimate disappearance. In contrast, you have mobilized the Hungarian people toward rebuilding a family-centered, religiously grounded nation, as a contribution to the renewal of all Europe and the recovery of an authentic Christendom,”

the World Congress of Families writes in its letter to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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