Orban – Hungary’s Putin?

Comparing Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to Russia’s president is not a new thing in the international media. After the parliamentary elections on April 8, several articles were discussing Hungary’s political system.

According to Peter Kreko, executive director of the Political Capital think tank, the “Orban system” is much closer to the Turkish or the Russian system in its “logic, mentality and goals” than to Western European governments.

Kreko told Hungarian daily Nepszava that after the two-thirds victory of Fidesz, questions about the support of the Orban government’s actions will be put aside because Orban will argue that the voters have said yes to all their plans. The expert stressed that the EU membership is important to Orban, so when he will have to make a choice in concrete issues, he won’t move closer to the East.

According to Bloomberg, Orban uses far more sophisticated methods of building power than the Russian strongman.

“Orban has survived two genuine elections after returning to power in 2010. There’s no overwhelming need for him to go full Putin — he’s doing well enough as it is. He’s also more experienced than any current European leader save Germany’s Angela Merkel; surely he realizes that if he goes overboard, the opposition will eventually unite and, with the support of liberals in the EU, mount a more convincing bid against him. His skill lies in staving off that threat while grabbing as much power as he can; he uses a scalpel where Putin has long wielded an axe”

the article reads.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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