George Soros mobilised more than hundred thousand people – says the govt

An anti-government protest was held in Budapest on Saturday. The protesters – according to most assessments more than 100.000 people – demonstrated for new and fair elections, democracy, press freedom, a Hungary against corruption and intimidation. The organisers drew attention to the need for a new opposition force instead of the fragmented opposition which was unable to cooperate in the elections. According to the Hungarian government, the demonstration was organised by the “Soros network”.

Pro-government Origo wrote about the demonstration on Saturday that it was a celebration of “pathetic ridicule and anti-democracy”. “George Soros’s allies in Hungary weren’t able to accept the serious election defeat so they called on dissatisfied people to protest,” Origo wrote.

The pro-government site wrote about the protesters who were demanding new and fair elections:

“six days ago the vast majority of Hungarian voters said no to the opposition parties, so such a call can only be understood as the organisers have nothing to do with democracy”.

Antal Rogan, the minister heading the prime minister’s cabinet office said that the protest was not organised as a private, civil initiative, but it was organised by the Soros network, using George Soros’s money because it’s Soros who can’t accept the result of the elections.


One of the most read and popular Hungarian news sites, Index wrote: to no effect, the pro-government media was scaring people that the protesters would set Budapest on fire; the demonstration went peacefully.


In an op-ed on the author writes that Viktor Orban gave up on the “central field of force“, when he divided politics in the campaign to Soros or himself.

“After the overwhelming two-thirds majority the opposition voters found each other, overriding any previous ideological boundaries. The protesting mass on Saturday is bad news for Fidesz, and maybe even worse news for the opposition who are fighting each other. It doesn’t make the situation easier either, that the protesters set an unreachable goal for themselves”,’s author writes.

He added that the Orban government can only want the resistance on the streers to slowly calm down, if the mass gets smaller and smaller. “Because this power can’t be topped by a series of peaceful demonstrations. They don’t only have the whole state in their pockets, but also the other half of the voters”.

The organisers announced another protest for next Saturday.


Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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