Orban’s son-in-law lies to the press

Hungarian news site HVG.hu made a short interview with Istvan Tiborcz, the prime minister’s son-in-law who told them he didn’t have a chance to talk to OLAF about the Elios-case, but according to 24.hu he didn’t tell the truth.

Earlier this year, OLAF revealed serious irregularities in EU contracts won by the Elios company, formerly co-owned by Tiborcz. The EU’s anti-fraud agency named seven companies and several people who are involved in the so-called Elios case, a scandal evolving around. OLAF suspects that an organised crime mechanism in misusing EU funds meant for street-lightning projects.

Tiborcz prefers to avoid the press, so HVG talked caught him after one of his exams at the Karoli Gaspar University. He said the OLAF report was a political document and nothing more, and he didn’t even have the chance to fully read it. HVG asked Tiborcz if he was approached by OLAF. He said they didn’t, but he asked for a hearing, which still hasn’t happened. 24.hu published proofs that what Tiborcz said is not true, as OLAF did ask for his comments.

Hungary Journal
Photo: Facebook

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