Magyar Nemzet to be published tomorrow

The editorial team of recently shut down Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet announced a supporting demonstration for Saturday and a new issue.

The newspaper’s former deputy editor-in-chief Zsombor Gyorgy announced on Facebook that the issue will be financed from crowdfunding. They are holding a demonstration on Saturday 4pm, before the main anti-government protest in the city center of Budapest.

On Tuesday, green LMP politician Peter Ungar, who inherited a significant fortune from his late father, made an offer for Magyar Nemzet, Lanchid Radio and weekly Heti Valasz. It’s unclear whether the talks have begun between Ungar and the owners of the outlets. wrote on Thursday that Ungar made a “serious” offer and negotiations begin on Monday, while wrote that the talks reached a dead-end.

It was announced on Tuesday morning that 80-year-old newspaper Magyar Nemzet will be last published on 11 April, and Lanchid Radio goes off the air at midnight 10 April. The owners explained their decision with financial problems.

The outlets are owned by Lajos Simicska, a former college friend of Viktor Orban, who also used to be the cashier of his party, Fidesz. As the South East European Media Observatory reminds, Simicska media was “serving the interests of Fidesz along the right-wing political cleavage”.But there was a shift in 2015: after an argument and “break up” with Orban, Simicska called the prime minister “scum”, and “ever since, the long-standing political bastions of the empire became more and more critical to the governing Fidesz party”. During the 2018 election campaign, Simicska said he will vote for the strongest opposition party, Jobbik. On Sunday, Fidesz won another two-thirds majority in the parliament and Jobbik became the strongest opposition party with almost 20 %.

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