Scandal: Weekly publishes list of “Soros mercenaries”

Hungarian pro-government weekly Figyelo published Thursday the names of more than 200 people, who are – according to the newspaper – the “mercenaries” of U.S.-Hungarian billionaire George Soros and want to topple Viktor Orban’s government.

The list includes members of rights organizations such as Amnesty International, anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International,NGOs helping migrants, investigative journalists and faculty from the Soros-founded Central European University.

Last month, Orban said on Kossuth Radio‘s programme that George Soros’s pro-immigration network has “two thousand paid workers” in Hungary, “an entire mercenary army working to topple the Government – and me personally – in order to change the future of Hungary”.

“It has emerged that they have journalists, it has emerged that they are embedded in the centres of decision-making. We know this because we have found out who their people are in Brussels, and the nature and details of their relationship with them: how they are paid, how they work, and how they settle their accounts. We have gathered a great deal of knowledge about this network, and we are making this public, because we have a single instrument at our disposal: the glare of public attention,”

he added.

No matter the size of Fidesz’s mandate, the ruling party is not authorised to intimidate its citizens, Gergely Karacsony, former PM candidate of the Socialist-Parbeszed alliance, said on Thursday in reaction to Figyelo’s list, MTI reports. Figyelo “has stupidly listed citizens who do their jobs as members of civil groups, aren’t the enemies of anyone, except maybe poverty, corruption and riding roughshod over democracy”, Karacsony told a news conference.

Several organizations named by Figyelo also rejected the article, AP reports. “The publication of such a list, in the context of the recent election campaign, is contemptible,” Central European University Rector Michael Ignatieff said. “This is a flagrant attempt at intimidation that is dangerous for academic freedom and therefore for all of Hungarian academic life.”

Source: Hungary Journal/MTI/AP

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