Rogan: New govt to work for the Europe of nations

Hungary’s new government will have some new members and a largely new structure to address challenges posed by migration and protect national sovereignty, the cabinet office chief said on Wednesday.

In the recent election Hungarian voters singled out these two priorities for the next four years, Antal Rogan told public broadcaster M1. Four years ago migration was not yet an issue, nor did many want to promote the ideal of a “united states of Europe” rather than that of a “Europe of nations”, he said, adding that the new government will be structured so to respond to these challenges.

Rogan said Hungarians made it clear in Sunday’s ballot that they do not want migration but want themselves to say with whom they want to live together. It follows that the next government would have the task to define ways of tackling the country’s demographic situation and pursue a policy more firmly dedicated to supporting families.

Another task for the new government will be to find more allies for promoting together with Hungary the ideal of a “Europe of nations”, Rogan said.

Fidesz: Everyone must accept election outcome

Sunday’s election handed ruling Fidesz a two-thirds majority in the next parliament, and this should be accepted by everyone, the party’s communications director said late on Tuesday. Commenting to public broadcaster M1 about the recent announcement of an opposition demonstration for this coming Saturday, Balazs Hidveghi said it showed that the opposition “looks down on” the Hungarian people.

“Everyone must accept the crystal clear outcome” of the election, he said.

“When there’s an outcome the Soros brigade doesn’t like, they attack democracy itself,” Hidveghi added, referring the US billionaire George Soros.

He said the opposition had originally interpreted the high turnout in the election as its own success, but the actual result was followed by resignations across the opposition parties. Then they proceeded to allege electoral fraud, Hidveghi added.

He said the opposition was carrying on with its “back-and-forth” and that it was once again Democratic Coalition leader Ferenc Gyurcsany “setting the pace” on the left.
Hidveghi said Fidesz was surprised to have won a supermajority, adding that it meant great responsibility for the party.

Source and photo: MTI

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