Extreme right MEP who supports Fidesz to be recalled from Brussels

In a statement on Wednesday, Jobbik calls on the self-driven extreme right-wing MEP, Krisztina Morvai – infamous for her anti-semitic remarks – to give back her mandate.

“Krisztina Morvai received an MEP mandate on the list of Jobbik. For a long time, she’s been intensively campaigning against the party that delegated her, with the same lies and accusations, that Fidesz and its propaganda media waged upon Jobbik. She gave significant help to keep Fidesz – which is not afraid of electoral cheating, and builds a dictatorship – in power, which is a shame from a former human rights activists”,

the party’s statement reads.

Krisztina Morvai won a mandate in the European Parliament in 2009 on opposition party Jobbik’s list, but since then has increasingly developed away from the party and consistently stressed her independence. Earlier she said she hasn’t spoken to Jobbik chairman Gabor Vona for years. Work organisation between the opposition party and Morvai has been problematic from the beginning, because she’s been rather self-driven.

In an interview with Hungarian daily Heti Valasz she said she still feels the “old passion” in herself and has drifted away apart the party. In 2009, Morvai became infamous for writing a Jewish Hungarian living in the US that “so-called proud Hungarian Jews should go back to playing with their tiny little circumcised tails” instead of criticising her.

Last year, Morvai announced on her Facebook page that after her mandate ends in 2019, she retires from politics. She told Heti Valasz that she’d had no bad consciense about getting a position in the constitutional court under Fidesz’s government.

During the election campaign, the MEP was often speaking to the pro-government media, attacked Jobbik and openly campaigned for Viktor Orban’s government.

Morvai didn’t support Jobbik’s strategy of reaching out to left-wing voters and building bridges between different social groups. She also criticised the party because Gabor Vona, who supports dialogue with the Hungarian Jewish community, sent a Hanukkah greeting to the rabbi of one of the Jewish organisations.

Morvai, who wrote a letter which had an anti-semitic tone in 2009, said several times that her “values” hasn’t changed. After the Fidesz-KDNP alliance’s victory the extreme-right MEP – who often attacked Jews – wrote on her Facebook page: “We can be proud and triumphant after the Hungarian elections on April 8. But we should also know that our opponents don’t give up easily on their plans to bring Hungary to heels”.

Source: Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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