Vona won’t contest Jobbik leadership election and take up mandate

Gabor Vona, the outgoing leader of the strongest opposition party Jobbik, has said he would not contest the party’s leadership election or take up the parliamentary seat he won from the votes cast for Jobbik’s national list in Sunday’s general election.

Jobbik gained altogether 25 out of 199 seats in Hungary’s next parliament with 19.36 percent of votes, with almost all votes counted.

In a Facebook post on Monday, Vona said Jobbik’s board had accepted his resignation after the party’s election defeat. He said as Jobbik’s prime ministerial candidate he had assumed full responsibility for the party’s election result, adding that he had kept his promise to step down as party leader if Jobbik did not win the election.

Vona reiterated his view that Jobbik was Hungary’s second-strongest party and “the only true force within the opposition”.

“I will do everything to ensure that this community gets even stronger in the coming period, but after 12 years, no longer as chairman,” Vona wrote, thanking Jobbik’s voters for their support in the election.

He said that despite ruling Fidesz having won a two-thirds majority, Jobbik would continue fighting for a “safe, liveable, free and fair Hungary”.

Source and photo: MTI

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