Gulyas rules out Fidesz’s two-thirds majority

Hungary’s next parliament will have “very strong legitimacy”, ruling Fidesz parliamentary leader Gergely Gulyas said, commenting on the high turnout on election day, but he ruled out the possibility that Fidesz would receive enough votes for a two-thirds majority.

Answering journalist questions, Gulyas expressed hope that Fidesz could reach the 100-seat threshold in the 199-seat parliament with which it can form a stable government. “Anything beyond that is a bonus,” he said. Asked about the possibility of Fidesz having to form a coalition government, Gulyas said Fidesz had “no reason” to discuss the possibility and trusted that the election would have a “clear” outcome. He repeated his stance that a two-thirds majority was “way beyond the reaches of reality” for Fidesz.

Asked about the high turnout, Gulyas said: “I don’t think that the fact that more people voted would hurt our chances.” “I am very glad that so many voters have turned up to cast their ballot. This means that Hungary’s democracy is strong and its citizens wanted to decide their future,” he said. Gulyas said there was a good chance the election would produce the highest turnout since Hungary’s transition to democracy in 1989-1990. “This is victory for Hungarian democracy,” he said.

The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) is hopeful of winning enough parliamentary seats in the election to form its own parliamentary group, the party’s spokesman said after voting officially ended on Sunday. In a worst-case scenario, the party expects to have enough seats to form its own parliamentary group, but the opposition will not have enough seats to oust the ruling Fidesz government, Zsolt Greczy said. In a best-case scenario, however, DK will have a strong parliamentary group and voters can unseat the Orban government, he said. Greczy expressed hope that the high turnout in the election indicated that “people have had enough of the Orban government and have voted for a change in government.” 

LMP co-chair Akos Hadhazy told journalists he expects his party to win 8-10% of the votes and also to win at some individual constituencies.

Socialist MSZP spokesperson Bernadett Budai said the high turnout shows that the people want to replace the government.

Jobbik‘s deputy head said the high turnout in Sunday’s election reflected criticism of the current government. At a press conference after polling stations closed, Daniel Z. Karpat said today’s vote of was of “historic significance” and he thanked voters for having expressed their will in such large numbers despite the “suffocating atmosphere”.

The article will be updated.

Source: MTI/Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI


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