Vona: Jobbik will win alone

In an interview with Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet, Jobbik’s chairman and prime ministerial candidates said his party’s MPs have been approached by people close to Fidesz, who were enquiring what they’d do if Fidesz won’t have a majority in the parliament after the elections on Sunday.

The strongest opposition party’s chairman said he can only imagine a possible cooperation after the elections with Momentum or LMP. Referring to the previous by-elections, he said that people were looking for the strongest opposition party and they will do the same on Sunday, so Jobbik is prepared to win alone, instead of cooperating with other parties before the elections.

Speaking of a possible Jobbik government, Vona said the ministries would be headed by experts, not party politicians. He said Jobbik already has candidates for the ministries, but due to the hostile political environment, he won’t name them before the elections.

Vona said that it would be possible to call Fidesz to account even in the current legal framework because the government’s corrupt practices wouldn’t be tolerated in any legal system. He stressed that a new chief prosecutor is needed (instead of pro-Fidesz Peter Polt) and Hungary should join the European prosecutor’s office (which the current government refuses to do).

The politician also listed the most urgent policy decisions regarding health care and education. Speaking of the economy, he said that Viktor Orban’s constant confrontations with the EU are false. Vona said that in order to maintain Hungary’s economic growth, the country should have a good negotiating position when in the discussion about the next EU budget.

On a street forum in Jaszbereny on Saturday, Vona said the stake of the elections is not whether Hungary becomes an immigrant country – as Viktor Orban says -, because Jobbik will protect the country from immigrants; the question is whether Hungary becomes an emigrant country. The chairman was referring to the massive outflow of youth, who work in Western Europe. Regarding immigration, he reiterated that contrary to Fidesz’s accusations Jobbik wouldn’t demolish the border fence and will even establish a border guard.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI


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