The debate of PM candidates was held without Orban

The debate of Hungarian prime ministerial candidates was held on Thursday evening on the RTL Klub tv channel.Viktor Orban was invited, but he didn’t go to the programme. The Hungarian prime minister refuses to participate in debates since 2006.

RTL Klub’s debate programme was attended by Bernadett Szel, the candidate of the green LMP, Gergely Karacsony (Socialists-Dialogue) and Gabor Vona (Jobbik).

First the candidates had to explain why it’s worth voting for their list.

Gergely Karacsony said it’s worth voting for them because everybody wants a change, but the group of those who want change is very diverse, and the electoral alliance of the Socialist Party (MSZP) and Dialogue want to represent this diversity.

Gabo Vona stated that he is very happy about this debate, but also sad that Orban didn’t come. According to Jobbik’as prime ministerial candidate, at the elections on April 8 Hungary’s future can be determined not only for four years, but for a generation.

Vona stressed that Jobbik is the guarantee for change, because Fidesz’s 8 years should be voted out not by bringing back the previous 8 years of the socialists. Jobbik would also eliminate corruption and bring Fidesz politicians to account.

Bernadett Szel highlighted that there will be change in Hungary if there will be a strong LMP representation in the parliament. This is why everybody should go to vote, because Hungary needs a government that listens to the people. If in government, LMP would start with a 1440 billion HUF wage rise programme and would handle the problems of health care and education.

None of the candidates think the current campaign and election is clean. Szel said all opposition candidates must face a serious campaign of discrediting by Fidesz.

Vona said the real electoral fraud is that Hungarians living abroad are limited in their voting rights.

According to Karacsony, the electoral system is advantageous for Fidesz, but they are beatable even in this system if many people go to vote.

Hungary Journal
Photo: RTL


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