Orban: Migration jeopardises our future

Anyone who “aims to preserve Hungary as a Hungarian country” should cast both their ballots for Fidesz at the upcoming general election, Prime Minister Viktor Orban told supporters at the ruling party’s campaign closing event in Szekesfehervar, in central Hungary, on Friday.

In his address, Orban warned that voting for any other party would be “hazardous and jeopardise our future”. He added that “the countdown has started; we have 48 hours to take everybody to the polls”. He said that the “many million Hungarian votes” would be facing “many million dollars” and insisted that the will of millions of voters “cannot be defeated by money”.

Orban insisted that voters on Sunday would select “not just representatives but a future, too”, and the result of the election “cannot be corrected, it is final and irreversible and we will have to live with the ramifications”.

“We have two kinds of future to choose from: one is offered by Soros’s candidates while the other is represented by nominees of the Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance,”

the prime minister said.

“We only have one homeland… and they want to take it away,” Orban said. He argued that “we will have to provide the migrants with food and shelter”, and added that “wherever there is mass migration, women are subject to violent attacks.” He said that the opposition parties “serving foreign interests” would “dismantle the fence, accept the migration quotas from the hands of Brussels, turn Hungary into a migrant destination and deliver it to the financial and political interests of their masters.”

Orban said that “they want to settle the first 10,000 immigrants in Hungary this year” and insisted that “the agreement has been signed with everybody from (opposition leaders) Gyurcsany to Vona”.

Orban said the campaign closer would not mean the end of the campaign; “just the opposite”, Fidesz is preparing to “take a final rush”. He added that “it’s not finished until it is finished”. He voiced hope that the ruling alliance would win the election and said that they had “won battles in the past eight years that seemed hopeless at first sight”.

Fidesz and its ally will continue on government with the aim of “representing well the nation’s desire for freedom and endeavours for independence,” the prime minister said.
“We are linked by our hearts, by our memories and faithfulness to the country; we are Hungarians and as long as we keep together we will always win,” Orban said concluding his address.

Source and photo: MTI

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