Vona pledges constructive promotion of Hungarian interests in EU

Jobbik would “constructively but firmly” represent Hungary’s national interests in the European Union if it formed a government, the party’s leader Gabor Vona said.

Vona said the next Hungarian government would need “a change in attitude”. Whereas pre-2010 Socialist-led governments “completely surrendered” to Brussels, Fidesz governments “chose to constantly quarrel” with the EU. Jobbik, he said, would appoint a deputy prime minister dedicated to representing Hungary in the bloc.

A Jobbik government would contribute to talks on the future of the EU and strive for a “single-speed and fair Europe built on the variety of nations”, Vona , who is Jobbik’s PM candidate, told a press conference on Thursday.

He also underlined Jobbik’s commitment to a European wage union in which “central and eastern Europe would get its fair share of the EU’s economic bounty”.

Concerning migration, Vona said that his party rejected mandatory quotas. A Jobbik government would retain the fence along Hungary’s southern borders and set up a dedicated border guard.

On the subject of Hungarian communities abroad, Vona said Jobbik would support their endeavours for autonomy within the framework of the EU. He slammed the government for “failing to raise the subject at bilateral talks and with international organisations in recent years”.

Answering a question on the Visegrad Group, Vona said that its four members should co-opt Croatia, and suggested setting up a permanent Visegrad parliamentary assembly.

Source and photo: MTI

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