Gulyas: Civic Hungary remains ruling Fidesz’s main objective

Building a civic Hungary will remain Fidesz’s key long-term objective, the ruling party’s parliamentary group leader said in an interview published by political weekly Demokrata ahead of Sunday’s general election.

A civic Hungary stands for preserving the national self-consciousness the country has fought hard for over the recent past as well as striving to achieve western living standards, Gergely Gulyas told the paper.

He noted the employment of 740,000 more people, budget discipline and economic growth as the Fidesz government’s main achievements over the past eight years
Commenting on the opposition forces in current Hungarian politics, Gulyas branded Jobbik as “the far-right party it has always been in terms of its core members, methods and political tools”.

Concerning the leftist parties, he said “the most eloquent evidence of the Hungarian left’s incapability and ineptitude” was that Democratic Coalition leader and former PM Ferenc Gyurcsany was still on the scene and “doing relatively well” compared with the other opposition forces. Gulyas added that the left and Jobbik did not seriously believe they could form a coalition government.

If ruling Fidesz fails to garner an absolute majority on April 8, there will be “chaos after Sunday’s ballot for an unforeseeable period, followed by new elections,” Gulyas said.

Source and photo: MTI

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