Gregor Gysi strongly criticises Orban

The policy of national isolation can’t resist the neoliberal globalisation on the long term, and it prevents the country from enjoying the benefits of EU integration, warns European Left chief Gregor Gysi in an op-ed for Hungarian site Azonnali, published in German and Hungarian.

According to the German politician, the Orban government’s policies serve the extremist, nationalist forces and are in contrast with the idea of a peaceful Europe. He added under the current government, Hungary started to build new walls and its democracy might be suffocated.

Gysi writes that Hungary’s international reputation is seriously harmed by Orban’s radical nationalism. “But Fidesz’s rule is not unbreakable, dissatisfaction against the Orban regime is growing”, he says, referring to Fidesz’s defeat at the Hodmezovasarhely by-election.

Gregor Gysi’s op-ed was the third in the series of German opinion pieces on Azonnali, the first was written by Junge Freiheit editor-in-chief Dieter Stein, and the second by DIE PARTEI president Martin Sonneborn.

Hungary Journal

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