Vona: Jobbik would make Hungary a stabilising, not a destabilising force

The general elections on April 8 are not only about the next four years, it will determine Hungary’s future for at least two generations, the strongest opposition party’s chairman and prime ministerial candidate, Gabor Vona told a press conference in Gyongyos. According to the politician, Jobbik’s victory depends on the voter turnout.

Vona stressed that contrary to the “government’s propaganda”, the main question of the election is not whether Hungary becomes an “immigrant country”, but whether it becomes an “emigrant country”, whether the outflow of young people can be stopped. He added that it’s not only about financial issues, but the Orban government “created a political atmosphere which makes it impossible to live in Hungary for many young people”.

Vona announced that during the next five days he will present a package each day as part of an action plan which Jobbik will implement from April 9. In Gyöngyös he presented Jobbik’s anti-immigration package.

In an interview with HVG.hu, Vona said that Jobbik would form an expert government to minimalise the ideological debates in the society. He stressed that the justice system must be independent, and corrupt politicians will be called to account. In foreign politics, his government would make it clear “from day one, that Hungary is not a destabilising, but a stabilising force”.

Showing the aggression of the campaign, Vona wrote in a Facebook post that his house was observed by a drone on Easter Monday. The politician’s son noticed the flying object in the sky. Vona tried to find out, who controls the drone, but the operator ran from the scene. It’s not the first time that the opposition polician was observed. Earlier, pro-government media had sent paparazzi after him, didn’t even leave his child alone. “You couldn’t buy, threaten or break me”, Vona wrote on his Facebook site.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI


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