Orban: We must avoid becoming an immigrant country

“If we make even one step towards becoming an immigrant country, there’s no going back”, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban warned in Echo TV’s Bayer Show programme on Sunday. Orban warned of the “background forces” behind the opposition parties, who would dictate to them if they win.

According to the prime minister, the left-wing parties are part of an international network that censors the news about migration. “There’s censorship in Western Europe. News about migration are often ignored, falsified or changed”, he added.

Orban stressed that the “left side is international”, so it attacks any topic that can strengthen the national identity. He added that Hungarians shouldn’t let “Soros organisations” change their identity and culture. The prime minister also announced that the ruling Fidesz party holds its final campaign event in Szekesfehervar on April 6.

While Orban has built his whole campaign on immigration, the strongest opposition party Jobbik focuses on stopping emigration, solving social issues, reforming health care and education. It was actually Jobbik, who had warned of migration before Fidesz in 2012 and they insist to keep the border fence even without Orban and to restore the border guard which Fidesz has been refusing to do.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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