Weber wants Orban re-elected

„Viktor Orban is a strong prime minister of Hungary, who vivifies European political debates”, Manfred Weber, the EP group leader of the European People’s Party – of which Hungary’s ruling Fidesz is a member – told Hungarian weekly Figyelo.

He added that Orban’s critical nature brings up debates which are needed in the EU very much but at the end of the day he seeks for consensus. Weber reminded that European socialists wanted the EPP to expel Fidesz, but they are a strong ally for the EPP.

Weber said that Orban deserves support and not criticism for protecting Hungary’s southern border. Speaking of migration, the Bavarian politician said that distinction should be made between illegal migrants and genuine refugees.

The EPP’s group leader stressed that even if he doesn’t agree on everything with Viktor Orban, he still hopes that Hungarians will re-elect him.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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