Orban: Christian Europe is our home

Prime Minister Viktor Orban, in an interview to public radio on Friday, appealed to voters to cast their vote to decide not only the next government but whether Hungary remained a sovereign power or operated under an “internationalist government established by George Soros”; in which case Hungary would become “a country of immigrants”.

The governing parties, he said, addressed the single issue that was central to the country’s fate, namely migration. “Progress is made in vain if migration saps the country of its benefits,” the prime minister said. The opposition parties, however, fail to speak to this issue because “they are under international censorship,” he said.

Orban referred to audio recordings which he said revealed the mechanisms by which Soros money was paid for the recruitment of NGO activists to serve the goals of the US financier’s “empire”; among them, organising migration and “eliminating the foundations on which Christian nations and a Christian Europe are based”. 

These NGOs attack anti-immigration governments under pressure from Brussels, and then they influence the election to ensure their pro-migration goals are represented in parliament, he said.

He said that in Hungary approximately two thousand paid people are working in order to bring down the government in the election campaign, and to form a pro-immigration cabinet that is also acceptable to George Soros. The PM stated that “We know precisely who these people are, we know names, we know by and large who, how and why they are working to transform Hungary into an immigrant country”. The country is then transformed with a view to feeding the business interests of Soros, he said, adding that this is the reason for the government’s “Stop Soros” bill.

Orban said “Brussels bureaucrats” would decide on the new European migration relocation system in June, under the Bulgarian EU presidency, and voters must elect a government that is capable of defending Hungary’s interests and protecting the country from the EU plan. If a future government accepted this proposal, Hungary would have to immediately accept more than 10,000 migrants and pay each of them “9 million forints for their upkeep”.

Summoning the occasion of his Good Friday interview, Orban said that culturally, a Christian Europe was “like air which is all around us; our home in which we feel at home in Christian Europe and Christian Hungary”. The political issue now is “whether we can preserve our way of life or succumb to outside influences which foist change upon us”.

Young people in western Europe must prepare for a life in which they may lose Christian Europe and become a minority in their own lands, Orban said, adding that the crux of the debate over the future of Europe was the answer different European nations gave: some say an open society is the answer and others, such those in central Europe, want to protect life as it is.

He said it was hard to convince western European leaders on this point because they lived different lives from average citizens: they did not have to travel on the underground and there were no no-go zones in their neighbourhoods, so their quality of life was not directly affected by migration.

Meanwhile, Orban also promised extra savings on winter utility bills following a government decision to spread the benefits of the scheme.

Source: MTI/Kormany.hu
Photo: MTI



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