Sonneborn: Orban must go

From the point-of-view of “Europe’s democratic side” the Two-tailed Dog Party is Viktor Orban’s most serious challenger, writes Martin Sonneborn, the head of Germany’s satirical DIE PARTEI, referring to a Hungarian satirical joke party.

In an op-ed for Hungarian site Azonnali – published both in Hungarian and in German – Sonneborn states that “Orban must go”, because Hungary’s PM is “so awkward for the Germans that we speak about the fact that he cooperates with CDU/CSU in the EPP neither in the public arena, nor in the media”.

He stressed that Hungary should have more seriousness and democracy, more responsibility for the poorest. Sonneborn added that Budapest needs “more art cinemas and less gyms”.

Sonneborn’s op-ed was the second in the series of German opinion pieces on Azonnali, the first was written by Junge Freiheit editor-in-chief Dieter Stein.

Hungary Journal
Photo: European Parliament


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