MEP: Viktor Orban won the migration debate

The Hungarian government is not getting a fair treatment from the MEPs who have been urging reports, opinions and even the triggering of Article 7 against Hungary, Slovenian EPP MEP Milan Zver told Hungarian daily Magyar Hirlap, adding that these calls are unfounded and apply double standards.

Zver reminded that Hungary is one of the most economically successful countries in the European Union. Speaking of the EPP, he said that as Europe’s largest political party, the EPP is pluralistic, and Northern or Western member parties have a “different software of the mind” than Fidesz and other members from CEE.

“Viktor Orban has clearly won the European debate on migration”, Zver said, adding that Europe has realised that Orban’s migration policies were the right way to handle the sudden influx of illegal migrants.

The Slovenian politician said he’s been helping Hungary in the European Parliament ever since it was attacked by the left, and that he has a great cooperation with his colleagues from Fidesz.

Hungary Journal
Photo: European Parliament


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