Jobbik’s leader would call corrupt Fidesz-politicians to account

It’s outrageous that after eight years of being in power, the government can only speak about George Soros, instead of the the situation of the health care, emigration, the state of roads, the situation of wages, education, the Northern Hungarian region, Gabor Vona, Jobbik’s prime ministerial candidate said in the Northern Hungarian city of Ozd.

Gabor Vona said that the Jobbik government’s first step will be accountability. Referring to recent corruption cases of the government, he promised to abolish immunity, introduce wealth investigations, and to set up an anti-corruption body, following Romania’s example.

The PM candidate stressed that Jobbik doesn’t want migration either, they won’t demolish the border fence which was suggested by them, and will establish a border guard. Gabor Vona said that they won’t let as many migrants into the country as Fidesz did, adding that nobody knows where they are.

Gabor Vona stated: in order to start their programme, they must be in government, and for that they need high turnout at the elections, because the 1,5-2 million Fidesz voters will go to vote.

“Don’t let Fidesz’s relatively smaller base to decide, you who want to replace the government should vote in higher numbers,”

he said.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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