Varga: It’s not worth the risk

Surveys show that 80 % of the people reject migration, the majority of Hungarians don’t want to solve economic challenges with immigration, the Minister of National Economy, Mihaly Varga told Hungarian daily Magyar Hirlap.

According to the minister, the stake of the election is whether the stable, balanced economy – which is approved by the market – and the growth is put at risk. Regarding the common currency, Varga said that Hungary should rush into the eurozone until its economic performance reaches the EU average or Germany’s performance. He reminded that the eurozone is to be reformed so it wouldn’t make sense to join now until the new framework is clear.

Regarding migration, Varga said that as long as the country has reserves in the job market, those reserves should be mobilised, instead of bringing in immigrant workforce. He stressed that according to the government, demographic problems should be solved by supporting families, not by immigration. Varga reminded that even rich countries can’t afford to spend hundred billions on integration, education, accommodation of migrants.

“Migration has significant costs, not to mention its social consequences, challenges of integration, the differences between cultures”,

he reminded.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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