Orban: Europe is full

Viktor Orban said that he sees immigration as the most important subject to be discussed at the European Union summit starting on Thursday.

In a video uploaded on his Facebook page prior to the summit, the prime minister said that Hungary’s interests will be asserted, and that Hungary will not allow its border fence to be dismantled or migrants to be admitted to the country.

In his message, which was recorded in Brussels, Orban said that it has now been revealed that there are “two thousand mercenaries, an entire army of mercenaries” working for George Soros against the Hungarian government.

He added that there is no shortage of such people in Brussels either, adding that their aim is to make Hungary an immigrant country, to dismantle the border fence and to allow in migrants.

“We shall not allow this to happen, and in today’s negotiations we shall assert Hungary’s interests”,

the PM declared.

After a meeting of the leadership of the European People’s Party, Orban said that “Europe is full”.

“Therefore we must focus our attention on the defence of its borders, and not on the distribution of migrants”,

he said. Orban said that in this respect Hungary is playing its part as a good European nation, defending its borders, adding that “we shall not allow in or accept migrants”.

Using Facebook’s personal data base for business or for political campaign purposes is “unacceptable” and must be prevented, prime ministers of the Visegrad countries agreed at a meeting. Orban said in a video published on his Facebook page after the meeting that such activities must be prevented “using the full weight of the law”. He added that the subject would be escalated to the upcoming European Union summit.

Source: Kormany.hu/MTI
Photo: MTI

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