CDU MEP: “Orban is Putin’s lapdog”

German CDU MEP Michael Gahler criticised the Hungarian government’s Ukraine policy in an interview with Hungarian news site Azonnali.

Earliaer, Gahler called Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban “Putin’s lapdog” in a Faceboook post. He told Azonnali that the Hungarian government should acknowledge Ukraine’s intent to change the disputed education law, instead of blocking the country’s NATO aspirations.

According to the Hungarian government the education law is only one of the disturbing developments in Ukraine, because the language law is also curbing the rights of minorities, and in addition, Kiev is transferring a 800-1000 soldiers to Transcarpathia from the Eastern counties. Gahler stressed that such actions by the Hungarian government serve Russia’s interests.

He added that still, Orban is better than the Polish government, because he “didn’t rape his country’s constitution”. Gahler stressed that he has never criticised the Hungarian government for securing the external border. He stressed that he of course hopes that Fidesz, a fellow EPP member will win the elections.

Hungary Journal
Photo: European Parliament


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