Orban: Europe is full, borders must be protected

Europe is full, which means that its borders must be protected, Prime Minister Viktor Orban told reporters in Parliament on Tuesday after talks with Manfred Weber, group leader of the European People’s Party.

Because of this, the Hungarian government will only back new regulations on migration that guarantee the protection of Europe’s borders, Orban said.

This position is reflected in the proposals Hungary has submitted to the EU in connection with the amendment of the bloc’s asylum regulations, he said. Orban added that the current regulations were centred more on the distribution of migrants.

“We shouldn’t be focusing on the distribution of migrants,”

the prime minister said.

“A mandatory quota is out of the question and instead we should be making sure that illegal migrants can’t enter Hungary and the European Union’s territory.”

Orban said this view was gaining more and more traction in Europe.

Hungary must be able to protect its interests, Orban says ahead of EU summit

It is important that Hungary should be able to protect its interests both before and after the upcoming election, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Tuesday after a meeting of the European Union Consultation Body in Parliament.

In a video published on Orban’s Facebook page, he said he would leave for a European Union summit in Brussels with that in mind.

Migration is a “decisive issue” that must be addressed at the summit, Orban said. He added it was “obvious” that efforts would be made before the end of the Bulgarian EU presidency to “press through and force through” new EU regulations that “encourage migration”. “Our job is to prevent that” Orban said.

He also said that Britain’s sovereignty has been attacked and Hungary’s position was that Britain needs to be supported “in the spirit of solidarity”. It is unacceptable that any EU or NATO member state’s citizens should come under attack in their homeland, “as it has happened in Britain”. Hungary will offer its full support to that country, he added.

Source and photo: MTI

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