Fidesz and Jobbik clashed over migration

The strongest opposition party, Jobbik accuses Fidesz of double standards regarding migration. Fidesz rejects the accusations and accuses Jobbik of lying.

Jobbik vice-president Laszlo Toroczkai said at his press conference on Tuesday that while the ruling party had focused the 2018 election campaign on its message that it was protecting Hungary from migration, on Thursday it voted in Brussels for a funding package for 2019 that would help migrants settle in all EU member states. “This funding will support the housing of migrants in Budapest,” he said, adding that it’s “double speech again”.

Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet wrote on Monday that while Fidesz has built its whole campaign on anti-migration, on March 15 its MEPs supported in the European Parliament that enough money is spent on helping migrants and refugees. This means that the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) gets enough money to help welcoming refugees in the EU member states. This means Fidesz MEPs supported that the EU budget should finance the costs of living, job search, education and integration of migrants. They also voted in favour of helping resettlement programmes and integration of migrants from third countries.

This caused bit of an internal policy storm in Hungary. Fidesz MEP Tamas Deutsch reacted in a statement: he said Fidesz’s anti-immigration policy is well-known in Europe. He accused Jobbik of co-operating with George Soros, and wrote:

“Contrary to Jobbik’s lies we made the EP to finally acknowledge that the EU budget should finance the programmes in the countries of origin, and would give financial help to those countries who have a different migration policy – namely, immigrant countries -, instead of taking away of the cohesion funds Hungary also receives”.

On Sunday, Deutsch posted a video on Facebook, which was taken in Brussels’ Molenbeek district. He said that the district was formerly inhabited by French-speaking, Chrisitan workers, but now it’s the capital of European jihadists, because for two decades the Socialist mayor pursued a deliberate resettlement programme, bringing 30-40 thousand North Africans to the city. According to the MEP, pro-immigration politicians want a Europe without Europeans, and they want to force this practice – that “spectacularly failed” upon all member states. But on April 8, at the parliamentary elections Hungarians can say no to this, Hungary can be protected. Prime Minister Viktor Orban also shared the video on his Facebook page. The Minister Heading the PM’s Office, Janos Lazar made a similar video in Vienna earlier, causing an internal policy uproar, but it wasn’t popular in Austria either, it caused outrage. Even FPÖ politicians didn’t find the video elegant, but Chancellor Sebastian Kurz reacted moderately to the video which portrayed Vienna negatively.

Co-existence based on mutual respect is important, but it’s clear that “there are certain problems we have to address”, he said.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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