Grässle: EU funds should serve the country, not a party

I won’t let myself used in the Hungarian election campaign, Ingeborg Grässle, the head of the European Parliament’s budgetary control committee (CONT) told Hungarian news site Azonnali.

Grässle has recently lead a mission to Hungary, investigating the use of EU funds. In the interview she stressed that despite the “personal remarks” of Hungarian government politicians, her work is not based on feelings, her objective goal is to ensure the proper use of EU funds. Grässle recalled that she’s been a member of the CONT committee for 13 years, and many politicians have tried to discredit her, even from her own party family (Grässle is a member of the CDU, which sits in the European People’s Party, like Hungary’s ruling Fidesz).

Referring to corruption scandals which the OLAF has been investigating – also the one concerning Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s son-in-law – the MEP said it’s in the interest of the Hungarian government too to investigate the suspicious cases. Grässle noted that the EU funds should serve the member states, not parties.

Grässle stressed that her investigations have absolutely nothing to do with the Hungarian elections, her only goal is to ensure the proper use of EU funds in every member state. The German politician rejected commenting on Hungarian internal affairs or the elections, but stressed she hopes the Hungarian government will be cooperating with the EU. She refused to be dragged into the election campaign, “by any sides”.

Hungary Journal
Photo: European Parliament

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