Well-known Hungarian political analyst: Orban made a serious political mistake

“After the election we will of course seek amends – moral, political and legal amends”, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said at the public commemoration marking the 170th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848, as a clear message to the opposition.

According to well-known Hungarian political analyst Gabor Torok, associate professor at the Corvinus University in Budapest, Viktor Orban “didn’t say what was useful for him, but what he really thinks or rather, feels in this issue”.

Gabor Torok added that if this is the case, Orban did something that he rarely does in his speeches: he made a serious political mistake.

The political analyst said it’s clear that Fidesz will campaign with one single topic for the elections, and this is migration. Never before had one topic dominated a speech on a national holiday before, making this question and its stake almost gigantic, with the message that any other issue is irrelevant and makes the main problem weaker, so it’s even harmful.

“Fidesz obviously doesn’t want to say anything about other aspects of the government anymore, they don’t even refuse to make further promises, but even refuse to discuss their previous achievements during the campaign,”

he wrote.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI


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