Orban: Europe is now under invasion

“We want to win not only an election but our future, too,” Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Thursday, addressing thousands of supporters in front of Parliament.

Orban said he wanted Hungary to be a free, independent and Hungarian country. In his speech marking the anniversary of Hungary’s anti-Habsburg revolution of 1848, he said that all the ingredients for this were present but the question now was what the future would hold. “On the one hand there are millions of us with a nationalist sentiment while on the other is the global elite,” he said. National and democratic forces are on one side and supranational and anti-democratic forces on the other, he added. “They want to take our country away.”

Referring to the post-WWI Treaty of Trianon in which Hungary lost two-thirds of its territory, Orban said:

“We are expected to willingly hand over [our country] within a few decades … to foreigners from other continents who don’t speak our language, respect our culture, our laws or way of life.”

“They want people other than us or our descendants to live here from now on,” Orban said at the state commemoration of the revolution’s 170th anniversary. Countries that do not stop the migration wave at their borders will be overrun and lost, the prime minister said ahead of the April 8 general election. “All of this is being forced on us by external forces and international powers and their accomplices here,” he said. “They see the upcoming election as the right time for this.”

Orban called March 15 “the day that lifts the hearts of all Hungarians”. He said this was the day “when the word ‘freedom’ was written into the history books in Hungarian”. 

“In a little over three weeks’ time, we will once again decide on the future of Hungary. And in this election, it will not just be four years at stake.”

Referring to the election, Orban said: “We have to ready ourselves to face Soros’s candidate”. The prime minister said it was well known that more Hungarians oppose migration than support it. The opponents of the ruling Fidesz party “can only break up our camp” if they succeed in forming a bloc, he added.

“Their aim is to address anything other than the dangers that threaten Hungary. Our opponents also know that Hungary’s fate will be decided for the next decades. For this reason, they won’t shy away from anything,”

he said.
“This is our homeland, our life, and since we don’t have another one, we will fight for it till the very end and we will never give it up,” he said. Europe and Hungary are in the middle of a “civilisational struggle”, the prime minister said. Hungary and Europe face a mass migration wave which endangers the way of life of their people, he said. “Europe is now under invasion.” 

“If we allow it, then over the next one or two decades, tens of millions of people will set off for Europe from Africa and the Middle East. Brussels won’t protect Europe. It is not interested in stopping, but rather in supporting and organising migration,”

Orban said. “It’s not the anemic little opposition parties we have to fight, but rather an international network that has been organised into an empire,” Orban insisted.

“A media backed by foreign concerns and domestic oligarchs, professional paid activists, troublemakers who organise protests, the network of NGOs paid by international speculators, all summed up by the name of George Soros, who embodies them.”

“We grew out of Christian culture and we differentiate between the individual and their actions,” he said. “We never hated and will never hate anyone; we continue to believe in the power of love and unity,” he added. But the prime minister vowed to fight against “what Soros and his empire are doing and want to do to Hungary”. “In each electoral district, it’ll be them against our candidates,” he said. “The grand plan [of the opposition] is to break up Hungary, which stands in the way of migrants, and then settle thousands and then — over a few years — tens of thousands of migrants in Hungary.”

In an appeal to Hungarian young professionals who have moved abroad, Orban said: “Hungarian youth, your home needs you now, come and fight with us, so that when you you’re your homeland it will still be there for you,” Orban said. Orban said Hungary’s future was at stake. “There is no second chance and you cannot repeat a failed exam; if the dam gives way, the flood will inundate us and the cultural occupation will become irreversible.” The question is whether or not Hungarians have “learned from mistakes made by other countries; if they have understood that you can make no more than one mistake,” he said.

Concerning the past eight years of Fidesz rule, Orban said: “Hungarians were alone in 2010 when we stood up, revolted, and started fighting in Brussels and in other centres of the empire … Later Poles, Slovaks, and Czechs joined in support of the Hungarian government’s efforts.” He also noted that the United States had elected an “anti-migration” president and the Brits “started off out on their own”. “Israel is holding out, patriots in Austria have taken over, and the Italians, too, have said no to immigration,” Orban said.

Vona calls on Jobbik faithful to raise flag of freedom

Jobbik’s leader Gabor Vona, addressing his party’s commemoration, said he strove to deal with real problems facing Hungary such as security and democracy, a functioning health and social system, a modern education system, a just retirement system, the abolition of migration and fair wages.

Speaking ahead of the April 8 general election, Vona said he invited all well-intentioned, honest Hungarians “to raise a flag of freedom not a banner of fear and oppression”. Referring to the government’s anti-migrant campaign, Vona said real security was not provided by billboards but by a dedicated border guard. Jobbik, he added, would not accept European Union migrant quotas.

He argued for a strong and just Europe, and “a real democracy with independent institutions and unsparing accountability”. Vona also said Jobbik wanted a functioning health-care sytstem and social welfare with an autonomous health ministry and a separate education ministry fit for the 21st century. He also pledged a fair and flexible pension system in which both men and women can retire after 40 years of work. Further, he promised to tailor benefits to people’s need.

He promised an administration which respected public-sector workers and people in uniforms, and he vowed to save local councils. He also demanded justice for people holding foreign currency loans. Vona pledged to stop emigration by offering policies tailored for young people and families focused on home-building and rental support.
Instead of handing out tax incentives to multinational companies, a Jobbik government would support increasing the productivity of domestic micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, he said.

DK, Karacsony ready to cooperate with Jobbik

Gergely Karacsony, PM candidate of the Socialist-Parbeszed alliance, and Ferenc Gyurcsany, leader of the Democratic Coalition (DK), on Thursday voiced support for opposition cooperation which embraced the Jobbik party.

Speaking at their commemoration by the opposition parties in Fovam Square in downtown Budapest, Gyurcsany said it was necessary to talk to Jobbik “not about election cooperation or about a joint government but about the cooperative way to pull down Viktor Orban’s evil system in the next parliament”. “There is no point in applying tactics or being polite; we must negotiate and come to an agreement,” Gyurcsany said. He announced that his party would unilaterally withdraw its prime ministerial candidate in favour of Bernadett Szel, the green opposition LMP’s candidate.

LMP calls for opposition cooperation

The prime ministerial candidate of the green LMP party has called for cooperation between opposition parties, noting the young revolutionaries of 1848 who “may not have all liked each other but were able to work together for a common cause”.

Bernadett Szel warned that the opposition would not win the upcoming election “unless there is the broadest possible cooperation between its parties”. Most voters want to see a change of government,” she said. “There is no need to threaten each other; everyone must sit down at the negotiating table where LMP is already sitting.”

Two-Tailed Dog Party holds alternative Peace March

The satirical Two-Tailed Dog Party on Thursday held an alternative Peace March in Budapest, aping the official pro-government event. Marching from Oktogon in downtown Budapest, the party’s leader Gergely Kovacs called for “the abolition of space relations” and “the censorship of freedom and the abolition of the press”. Thousands of participants, many in costume, were accompanied by a police escort through central areas of the capital.

Students demonstrate for better education

Supporters of the Diak Vagyok (I am a student) movement staged a demonstration in Budapest on Thursday, demanding changes to the education system and involvement in decision-making.

Source and photo: MTI

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