Orban’s message before the national holiday

Prime Minister Viktor Orban sent a message to Hungarian communities in the Carpathian Basin on Wednesday, the eve of Hungary’s March 15 national holiday, marking the anniversary of the 1848 revolution.

In his address, the prime minister referred to the March revolution as a “rare flash of light, which has not lost its perfection or purity” and said that all its developments reflected “the unity and love of freedom of the Hungarian nation”. “Ever since the light of that day has lit our lives, including the darkest years of separation and dictatorship,” the prime minister’s press office quoted the letter in a statement.

“When we stand up for each other and fight shoulder to shoulder for our shared goals nothing will be impossible,” Orban wrote, and went on to say that “today the time has also come to protect our freedom and thousand-year-old culture together”.

“We, Hungarians, want no more than to celebrate our heroes together and build a world in which we have freedom to speak our language, and live in the Carpathian Basin in strength and faithfulness and with a hope in the future,”

Orban added.

Source and photo: MTI


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