Lazar doesn’t regret his Vienna video

“Politicians should maintain a decent dialogue with journalista, they are partners, not enemies”, the Minister Heading the Prime Minister’s Office, Janos Lazar said in an interview to local South-Hungarian

According to the minister, the role of the press has changed, journalists are “making politics”, but roles shouldn’t be mixed.

Regarding his video in Vienna, which caused outrage in Austrian and Hungarian politics, Lazar said he would make the video again. He said he didn’t regret it and would make another one, which shows the dire situation even clearly.

“I only showed what is happening 200 kilometres from us. The fact that this caused such a debate, clearly shows that a large part of the press and politics still denies or ridicules the effects of migration. I spent one hour in that street at met only 3 white people, everyone else had dark skin. This is the reality”, Lazar said, adding that Viennese people left that district – Favoriten – and immigrants changed it.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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