Jobbik pledges to stop corruption

The strongest opposition party Jobbik’s leader, Gabor Vona, has told supporters that if turnout is high enough in the April 8 general election, then there would be a chance of unseating the incumbent Fidesz-led alliance.

Speaking at an election rally in Bekes, in south-east Hungary, on Tuesday, Vona said his party would stop corruption, sort out health care and create a fair pensions system.

He also underlined Jobbik’s pledge to keep the fence on the southern border and refuse entry to migrants “whether or not they have [bought a residency] bond”. Vona also said Hungary’s biggest problem was not immigration but emigration, adding that the government did not care about the latter.

The Jobbik leader insisted that the latest corruption scandal was linked to Lajos Kosa, a minister without portfolio in charge of the government’s Modern Cities scheme, who, according to reports, “handled 4.3 billion euros on behalf of a mysterious entity”.

If elected into power, Jobbik would appoint a new chief public prosecutor, set up an anti-corruption agency based on the Romanian model, join the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, scrap a lawmaker’s right to immunity and the statute of limitations, and start investigations into the assets of lawmakers.

Source and photo: MTI


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