Has the atomic bomb against Fidesz exploded?

A leading Fidesz politician, minister without portfolio Lajos Kosa has been connected with incredible amount of money by the press. The opposition is already speaking about a “political atomic bomb”, which explodes in the campaign of the parliamentary elections. Is this the one?

Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet published a leaked document/legal contract, according to which the politician was allowed to deal with 4 350 000 000 euros. The money was placed in the FHB Commercial Bank.

According to the document, he was authorised to represent the principal, buy Hungarian state bonds and place them on the principal’s investment account. The minister could withdraw money from the account, complete transfers and administration, but he wasn’t authorised to close the account. The mentioned sum equals to 6% of Hungary’s budget in 2018.

The minister was asked by Hungarian tv channel ATV at a press conference on Tuesday. Kosa spoke about a “classic swindle”, but he didn’t say that the document is a forgery.

He claimed that back then when he was the mayor of Debrecen, someone whom one of his colleagues knew, claimed to have inherited a huge sum in Germany and asked for advice what to do with it. Kosa told them to invest the money in state bonds. But the minister said about the document that he didn’t know, didn’t read it.

The strongest opposition party, Jobbik wants to estabilish an investigative committee in the parliament, adding that they can’t trust the pro-Fidesz chief prosecutor to properly investigate the case.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI



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