Gabor Vona campaigns in London

Jobbik chairman and prime ministerial candidate Gabor Vona held a forum for local Hungarians on Friday in London’s Millenium Gloucester Hotel.

The strongest opposition party’s leader told his audience – approximately 150 people, according to – that there are seven areas in which a shift is needed in Hungary. Among the problematic areas he mentioned migration, stating that Jobbik would establish real security, instead of the “pseudo security” created by Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

“Orban doesn’t want to stop migration, he wants so maintain it, to keep it the main topic, drawing attention away from the important things like healthcare and education”,

Vona said. According to the politician, “Orban wants the people to fear”, and there’s a “political lunatic asylum” regarding migration in Hungary.

Vona also stressed the importance of democracy, and drew attention to the level of corruption in Hungary. He reminded that the Elios corruption scandal reached the prime minister’s family, but the pro-Fidesz chief prosecutor is unlikely to act against Orban’s son-in-law. Vona said the government doesn’t want to join the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, because “half of the party would end up in prison”.

Regarding the election and the opposition’s possible cooperation, Vona stressed the importance of mobilising the people, because Fidesz only spokes to its 1,5-2 million base, so if many people go to vote then “Fidesz is bound to fall”.

Hungary Journal

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