Migration changes our societies – FPÖ MEP

The Austrian Freedom Party’s (FPÖ) MEP, Georg Mayer supports the migration policy of the Visegrad countries and opposes the migration quota.

Mayer told Hungarian daily Magyar Hirlap that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is putting pressure on the Eastern member states, but connecting funds to migration policy is against the rules.

“I think the only sane stance on migration is the Visegrad Group’s opinion. It was Viktor Orban, who stopped the migration flow and it was Merkel who made the mistake by saying everybody is welcome in Europe”, he added.

According to Mayer, it’s a huge mistake to concentrate on relocation instead of border protection, and he also rejected the idea of a common EU tax. Speaking of parallel societies, Mayer said it has been the reality for decades. “Most of the migrants who are coming are men. We have seen the consequences at the new year’s eve in Cologne. Migration changes our societies”, he stressed.

Hungary Journal
Photo: European Parliament

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