Bannon: Orban is a hero

Donald Trump’s former advisor Steve Bannon was speaking at an event in Zürich organised by the weekly Die Weltwoche, and told his opinion about Hungary’s prime minister too.

Answering a question of Hungarian weekly Hetek, Bannon said Viktor Orban is like Donald Trump in the aspect that the press doesn’t really want to write about their results. “He is a real patriot and a real hero”, he said. Breitbart’s former editor-in-chief said he can’t predict the outcome of the Hungarian elections but he thinks Orban is “a man of principles”.

“I think today credibility and determination mean long-standing success”, he said. Bannon added that Orban and Trump are perfect examples of leaders of whom mainstream media refuses to write anything good. “And this is the main reason we like him”, he added.

Hungarian weekly Hetek reported about this event in their newsletter on Wednesday. More information will be available in Hetek’s next issue on Friday.

Hungary Journal

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