Szijjarto: Hungary must remain safest country in Europe or risk losing jobs

Foreign investors will take high-paying jobs out of Hungary if its status as Europe’s safest country is not retained, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on the sidelines of his talks in Munich on Monday.

Global competition for job-creating investments by international companies, including Bavarian ones, is intense and security is one of the most important factors for companies looking to invest in foreign markets, Szijjarto told MTI by phone. This is precisely why Hungary must make sure that it remains Europe’s safest country, he added.

“If we fail to protect our borders, these companies won’t be choosing Hungary as a destination in which to create jobs that offer good wages and a stable living,” Szijjarto insisted. “Protecting the borders and upholding security are absolutely crucial if major foreign companies are to bring their investments to Hungary in the future.”

Takacs: Time for solidarity in border protection

Hungary considers the time has come for European solidarity to extend to the area of border protection, and it wants the European Union to contribute to the extra related costs that serve the bloc’s common interest, a senior government official said on Monday.

Ahead of a meeting in Brussels of Tuesday, Szabolcs Takacs, the state secretary for EU affairs of the prime minister’s office, told MTI by phone that Hungary will demand the EU contribute to the costs of protecting the bloc’s external border.

Given that the European Commission has contributed extra funds to Italy, Bulgaria, Greece and Spain for border protection and managing the migration crisis, Hungary also has a fair request for support based on the principle of equal treatment.

Source and photo: MTI



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