Orban: Brussels wants a United States of Europe

Creating a “United States of Europe” would be equal to turning the region into a “continent for immigrants including an immigrant-destination Hungary”, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Monday.

Speaking at a book launch at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest, Orban warned of “attempts” to curb member states’ competencies and to build a “United States of Europe”, and said that the European Commission “has openly declared itself a political body”. He insisted that the commission’s “giving up its impartiality” would lead to ruining cooperation within the community because it will

“institutionalise double standards to benefit the bigger countries, to the detriment of smaller members”.

Orban went on to say that giving up the principle that the commission is a guardian of the treaties would “shake the foundations” of European institutions.

As an example of using double standards, Orban said that the EU has not penalised its larger members for certain violations. He said that the commission had failed to start proceedings when France’s budget deficit was higher than required, and the only explanation the body’s head gave at the time was that “France is France”.

As another example, Orban mentioned that the EC had launched an infringement procedure against Hungary when it sent its elderly judges to retirement as part of its judicial reform in 2011-12, but “enthusiastically hailed” a similar move in Italy as a measure to speed up court proceedings.

Orban accused the EC of “interfering” with Hungary’s election campaign and of attacking its government “because it does not conceal its opinion on certain court rulings”, and criticised the European Parliament for “continually making aggressive, interfering calls on Hungarian judges” concerning the case of Ahmed H, a Syrian national charged with terrorism.

“The same rules should apply to all EU members,”

Orban said, adding that

“Europe should again be a Europe of common sense and fairness”.

Source and photo: MTI

Hungary Journal

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