Jobbik promises ‘genuine fight’ against migration

The strongest opposition party, Jobbik has vowed to “put up a genuine fight” against mass migration if elected to government in the April election as opposed to what it called the government’s “communications war” on the issue.

Speaking at a press conference on Monday, Jobbik deputy leader Laszlo Toroczkai said that unlike ruling Fidesz, all of his party’s 106 individual candidates would work to stop migration, if elected. They will not take in any migrants in secret or for money, he added. According to Toroczkai, the Orban government has been creating enemies, conspiracy theories and a whole alternative reality using its media empire, in order to distract from their policy failures and corruption scandals.

In connection with the UN Migration Compact, Toroczkai stressed that while the government is attacking the draft document, they were also part of the preparation procedure, and did not add comments about George Soros or the role of NGOs.

Toroczkai also reminded that it was Jobbik who first proposed the construction of the border fence, and the Fidesz government reacted too late.

On another subject, Toroczkai rejected press reports claiming that his party was in talks with the leftist opposition Democratic Coalition on potentially cooperating in the election.

Source: MTI/Hungary Journal


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