“We must reject everything that jeopardises security”

We have to establish a new culture of dialogue in the European Union, so that the Western member states can understand better the Central Eastern European part and leave behind the practice of “moralising judgment”, the Minister of Human Capacities Zoltan Balog said at an event in Germany.

Regarding the migration crisis, Balog stressed that everything that jeopardises security must be rejected.

Zoltan Balog held a lecture at a conference organised by the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung at the St. Marienthal Abbey on Saturday. He said that the EU has only been enlarged, but Europe hasn’t really been reunited. The minister blamed the lack of proper dialogue.

The Fidesz politician said Western states still don’t understand the differences with the Visegrad Group about migration, which are “more than arguments”, they are differences in attitude. Balog reminded that at the beginning of the migration crisis Hungary was the only member state that actually respected the EU rules but received a lot of criticism for that. He stressed that the relocation quota is not the only way to show solidarity.

Hungary Journal
Photo: Kormany.hu

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