Vona: If Fidesz wins, hundreds of thousands will leave

The real stake of the parliamentary elections in April is whether Hungary becomes an “emigrant country”, Jobbik chairman Gabor Vona said at a press conference in Kolozsvar (Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania), referring to the prime minister’s remarks that the stake is whether Hungary becomes an “immigrant country”.

According to the strongest opposition party’s prime ministerial candidate, if the current Fidesz-KDNP alliance stays in power, “further hundreds of thousands will leave Hungary. Today in Hungary Jobbik is the hope that this won’t happen”. Vona added that a Jobbik government will protect the country from migrants, establishes a border guard to protect the fence and rejects the quotas.

The politician stressed that Viktor Orban’s “autocratic, anti-democratic” governance must be ended. According to Vona, Fidesz’s defeat in the Hodmezovasarhely mayoral by-election showed that “Fidesz is defeatable and Jobbik will defeat it”.

Answering to a question, Vona denied that Jobbik receives support from Russia. According to him, it’s the Orban government which is under Russian influence, and Jobbik would make the Paks expansion deal public. Regarding Romanian-Hungarian relation, he said “if forces of realpolitik and sober mind come to power in both countries, we will most probably find mutually acceptable solutions”. Speaking of George Soros, he said Jobbik doesn’t support all of the US billionaire’s activities, but he thinks that Soros is being used as a tool to scare the people and distract them from important problems.

“Both the Soros plan and the Orban plan are dangerous. We would protect Hungary from both of them,”

he added.

During his one-day visit to Transylvania Vona visits Marosvasarhely (Targu Mures) and Szekelyudvarhely (Odorheiu Secuiesc) to present Jobbik’s election programme, especially his stance about cross-border Hungarians.

Vona said that in its policy towards Hungarian communities abroad, Jobbik will retain all achievements of the Orban government, including the voting rights of dual citizens and Hungarian government support for ethnic Hungarian schools, universities, business, churches and institutions. Vona said Jobbik would continue to support the Hungarian communities’ autonomy endeavours, too.

Vona also collects signatures for the Minority SafePack and the Wage Union European citizens’ initiatives.

Hungary Journal

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