Vona: Fidesz hate campaign doesn’t work

After the by-election in Hodmezovasarhely and before the parliamentary elections on April 8 everybody, who is interested in politics in Hungary is wondering whether the opposition parties can cooperate against the ruling Fidesz-KDNP alliance.

On February 25 Peter Marki-Zay – who was requested to run in the elections by Jobbik, and the other candidates didn’t run candidates against him – won the by-elections as an independent candidate in Fidesz-stronghold Hodmezovasarhely. The election proved that if Fidesz has a strong opposition candidate, then Orban’s party can be defeated. Movements have started in Hungarian politics since then, more and more people are talking about the need to cooperate in the opposition.

Gabor Vona, the strongest oppposition party Jobbik’s prime ministerial candidate and chairman gave an interview to Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet. He thinks the Hodmezovasarhely election proved that Fidesz’s hate campaign doesn’t work anymore, and that opinion polls can’t properly measure Fidesz’s support. He added that it has been proven again, that

“people can wisely decide which opposition candidate has the most chance”.

Vona thinks that the green LMP party and the young Momentum are 21st century parties, with which Jobbik is open to cooperate, but this has significance only after the elections. He confirmed that they are happy to negotiative with LMP anytime.

“I don’t see LMP as a party with which we have to agree on anything, but as a possible future partner. So in the most important areas as healthcare, education, pension system, economy and decreasing emigration we have to form a national minimum. I think we can talk about these things now too, not only after the elections,”

Vona said.

He said every opposition party’s duty is to find the strongest candidate in every district, Jobbik is doing the same.

“I don’t think that Jobbik would be so weak in these districts and that it’s our candidate which should step back”,

he added.

Jobbik politicians have said on several occasions before that they regard Jobbik the strongest opposition party, which can defeat Fidesz-KDNP, so they want to run in the elections alone, and that only they have a programme to replace the government. Jobbik has so far ruled out any cooperation with the Socialist party (MSZP) and the Democratic Coalition (DK) of former Socialist PM Ferenc Gyurcsany.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI


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