Orban: If migration becomes a human right, it can destroy the Earth

The recent mayoral election in Hodmezovasarhely, in southern Hungary, was a kind of “parliamentary election warmup”, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Friday, adding that he expected a single opposition candidate to run in many or perhaps most constituencies in the general election in April.

A “pact” has most likely been finalised under which a single opposition candidate will run against the anti-migration civic candidate in constituencies, Orban told public Kossuth radio. Until now, it was “beyond political fantasy” that Jobbik would be joining forces with Democratic Coalition (DK) but it is now time that “we face up with this reality,” he added.

“I can see the money of [US billionaire] George Soros in the background and I can see the maneuvering tricks” against which open and sincere talk is the only cure, he said.

“We have to face the fact that some people out there have set out to turn Hungary into an immigrant country and they have been selected as candidates, backed by a lot of money — the international money of George Soros, his civil organisations and a large part of the foreign-owned media operating in Hungary,”

Orban said.

“If we want to protect Hungary and avoid becoming an immigrant country then we must join forces and fight this battle together,” he added. “The reason that we do not want to become an immigrant country is not only because this would import terrorism and crime, and our women and girls would lose their sense of safety … but also because it will bring an end to the future that Hungarians have worked for over the past eight years…” he said. Once migrants enter “it will be impossible to get them out”, he added.

Commenting on the United Nations’ migration proposals, he said Hungary was not alone in its efforts to fight them and the country had allies. He referred to the United States as a country that does not want a world where migration is recognised as a human right and fences are taken down. Along the same lines, he cited Australia, Japan, the new Austrian government and Bavaria, as well as the Visegrad Group; and most likely Italy, where the elections are taking place this weekend.

If migration becomes a human right, “this will be a sure recipe for destroying the Earth, leading to a primitive humanity,” he said. If sovereignty is taken away, then ancient cultural rights, opportunities and a living standards achieved through hard work will be at risk, he added.

Orban also said that the European Union wanted to decide on the migrant quota issue in the current cycle of the European Parliament. Next year, an EP election will take place and “the anti-immigration forces” are expected to make advances.

“Indeed, from July 1, Austria assumes the EU presidency, and the new Austrian government was elected on an anti-migrant platform, so Brussels and George Soros have a chance of pushing through Dublin IV by July 1, leading to the introduction of mandatory quotas, while stripping nation states of their powers when it comes to migration policy and handing them to the European institutions.”

“They will send tens of thousands of people here,” he insisted. He said Hungary would be turned into a collection point for migrants due to German and Austrian border control rules. He said that at stake in the upcoming general election was whether or not Hungary would become “an immigrant country”. Orban vowed to continue heading a national government and he promised to use his veto in Brussels if necessary.

The prime minister also addressed the dispute between the EU and Poland, saying that Warsaw was a “target” because Poland was central Europe’s leading state. “The Germans and Brussels are targeting Poland because they reason that if Poland is weakened, central Europe’s resistance to immigration will be weakened too.”

Orban welcomed French President Emmanuel Macron’s consultations on the EU’s future, saying “let’s hold them and each nation should make the best use of its national practices”.

Source and photo: MTI

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