“We should follow the Visegrad model”

MEP of the Italian Lega Nord party, Lorenzo Fontana talked about the Visegrad Group, migration and NGOs financed by George Soros in an interview with Hungarian daily Magyar Hirlap.

Fontana suggests that Italy should maintain closer cooperation with the Visegrad Group. “The V4 countries gave a lesson to us: they are countries who are proudly protecting their borders, are proud of their national identities and are ready to face European dictats which would weaken their democratic and economic structures”, he said. Fontana said he thinks Italy should follow the “Visegrad model”.

When asked about the Hungarian government’s “Stop Soros” package, Fontana said he definitely supports policies that ensure the transparecy of foreign funded NGOs. “These organisations are not serving humanitarian goals, they are working in destabilising countries”, he said. “Soros’s globalist project harms people” and increases migration, Fontana added.

Speaking of the European Union, he said it destroys national sovereignty.

Hungary Journal
Photo: European Parliament

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