Lazar: Europe will become an immigrant zone

The Hungarian government will submit a 12-point proposal to the United Nations concerning its draft package on migration arguing that “migration is bad” and that people should be provided help in their homelands, the government office chief said on Thursday.

The government will propose that the UN should not impose mandatory provisions on its member states in connection with migration, Janos Lazar said at his regular press briefing. Lazar noted that recent projections by NATO indicate that as many as 60 million people could set off for Europe by 2020, arguing that western Europe would become an “immigrant zone”.

He also said that the government has turned to the Constitutional Court seeking constitutional interpretation on four key matters concerning migration. The government wants the court to clarify whether the cabinet can relinquish its representation of “the pillars of statehood” in international law. The government also wants to know how much leeway it has when it comes to the approval of migration-related proposals, and if, for instance, it can approve the resettlement of migrants in Hungary, Lazar said.

“Govt will not tolerate intimidation of Ukraine Hungarians”

The Hungarian government will not tolerate the intimidation of a single ethnic Hungarian in Transcarpathia, Lazar said, referring to a recent attack on the headquarters of the Hungarian Cultural Federation in Transcarpathia (KMKSz) in Uzhhorod (Ungvar). He confirmed at his regular press briefing that the cabinet had decided to pay the cost of repairing the damage. He said the government was concerned because this was the second serious attack against ethnic Hungarians in western Ukraine in the past month.

“Govt to be formed either by Orban or Soros’s followers”

After the April 8 parliamentary elections, the new government will be formed either by current Prime Minister Viktor Orban or the followers of billionaire George Soros, the government office chief said. The main subject of the elections will be “whether we can protect the country from migration” or not, Janos Lazar said. The ruling alliance of Fidesz-KDNP has done everything it could in recent years to protect the country and represent the national interest, he added.

Commenting on the recent victory of an independent candidate supported by the opposition parties at the local election in Hodmezovasarhely, he said the era of competing was over and an era of cooperation would follow. The local Fidesz group is ready to participate in efforts to build the city, said Lazar, who is also an MP representing the region and a former mayor of the town near the southern border of Hungary.

Source and photo: MTI

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