The end of anti-Soros propaganda?

Fidesz may turn down the volume of anti-Soros propaganda after the electoral defeat in Hodmezovasarhely.

According to the sources of Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet, no negative or slandering content about George Soros can be posted to the Facebook pages of government MPs. Sources told this short and clear order was given by the Fidesz headquarters on Tuesday.

Magyar Nemzet thinks it can be explained by the fact that after the defeat in Hodmezovasarhely the ruling party must quickly retune its communication which so far focused mostly on inciting against the 87-year-old billionaire.

Two days ago in the pro-government Echo TV’s Press Club (Sajtoklub) programme pro-government journalists said after the Hodmezovasarhely elections that the “elementary school level Soros-communication, like Stop Soros and others” should be stopped.

“These are witty indeed but the Hungarian society is more intelligent than that”, said Andras Bencsik, editor-in-chief of pro-government daily Demokrata.

By contrast, in Demokrata‘s latest issue on Wednesday government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs said the goal of the government’s “Stop Soros” package is to prevent the redistribution of migrants based on the mandatory quota.

In the Wednesday issue of pro-government Magyar Hirlap former prime minister Peter Boross – who is nowadays a Fidesz supporter – said what Soros is doing in connection with migration is “a strange mixture of megalomania and psychosis”.

According to Boross Soros’s activities can be effectively limited only in the USA, “the public’s attention there should be drawn to the fact that an American citizen should primarily care about the problems of his chosen homeland and if his ideas work, only then he should export them to the world”.

“My message is to Soros who is about the same age as I am: don’t be maniacal”, said the former prime minister.

Hungary Journal

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