Gulyas: Immigration one of the most pressing issues in Europe

Undoubtedly immigration is one of the most important questions in Europe, that will determine the next decades, Fidesz group leader Gergely Gulyas said at an event on Wednesday evening.

At the “Who should liberals vote for?” panel talk organised by the Republikun Institute Gulyas said he doesn’t accept the opinion that Fidesz needs the migration question to win the elections. Recalling achievements in the government, he said those who are not convinced by Fidesz’s stance on migration, should look back how the country looked in 2010.

Regarding migration, he said this question was important in the recent Polish, Austrian, Czech, German and Dutch elections too.

Speaking to about the recent by-elections in Hodmezovasarhely – which the independent candidate supported by the opposition has won – , Gulyas said that as it was a local election, it had some particularities that can’t be repeated on a national level, but nevertheless, consequences should be drawn. He pointed out that the Fidesz candidate didn’t get less votes than his predecessors, he lost because the other candidate gathered all the opposition votes. As the winner, Peter Marki-Zay was an independent candidate, and a right-wing, catholic man, Gulyas thinks his success was also a sign that the voters want to replace the opposition.

Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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