German MEP wants real police probe into the Elios case

OLAF revealed serious irregularities in EU contracts won by the Elios company, formerly co-owned by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s son-in-law, Istvan Tiborcz. As the scandal is getting bigger, the EP’s budgetary control chief urges authorities to act, Politico reports.

“I would love to see a real police inquiry into the Orban son-in-law issue,” Ingeborg Gräßle, chair of the European Parliament’s Budgetary Control Committee, told Politico. “What we expect is cooperation to solve problems,” she said, adding that “Our aim is to support Hungary … But the way the authorities in Hungary frame it, it’s as if the European aim is to bother Hungary, and that’s not true.”

“I am worried that I still have no news on the Metro 4 OLAF case from the Hungarian prosecutor, and a reaction was promised for Christmas,” said Gräßle, referring to a controversial €1.7 billion Budapest metro project that the EU in part subsidized.

According to Politico, Gräßle is not the only EPP member of the Budgetary Control Committee who is worried about Hungary. “Hungary is a point of concern,” said one parliamentary staffer with knowledge of the committee’s activities, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Hungary Journal
Photo: European Parliament

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